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History and beginnings of VITAOZON
the creation of the ozone sauna


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History and beginnings of VITAOZON – the creation of the ozone sauna

Trials and tests on the construction of the sauna cabin using heat, steam, and ozone lasted for about 10 years. Very painstaking and costly work allowed only two pioneers, who initiated the activities of the VITAOZON company, to persevere.

The breakthrough came in 2016 when the ozone sauna cabin obtained certificates allowing for its distribution.

The interest during the presentation of the device in 2017-2018 was very high. Our openness to new solutions as well as ideas resulting from discussions we had with doctors, therapists, dermatologists, and users themselves brought new solutions both in device operation, cabin profile, and its wide range of applications. As a result, in the years 2019-2020, the goal of creating an innovative multifunctional heat-steam cabin using ozone in therapies as well as for sterilization was achieved.

Maximum care for the course of the production process (so far the cabin is a non-industrial product, handmade) combined with constant search for new possibilities and solutions. Thanks to this, we can ensure devices of the highest quality.

The production activity currently takes place in Turkey, under the supervision of one of the founders of the VITAOZON company. Quality control, preparation for operation, and sales are carried out in Germany, under the supervision of the other founder of the company.

For our potential customers, for the purpose of presenting the devices as well as the possibility of using them, in July 2020 we launched a presentation and sales point located in Germany at Ulm 89077 Gemeindeplatz 1. We also make our devices available to private individuals for use in rehabilitation needs.

We warmly invite both companies and private individuals who are looking for new opportunities and solutions and are open to innovative, effective, and above all natural methods in improving health, fitness, and rehabilitation for themselves or their clients, and thereby familiarize themselves with our offer or purchase a device.

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